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Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

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Funny,  and  whimsical. And then pain. Alllllll the  pain.  and  tears.



I’ve got 99 problems and 98 of them can be attributed to poor time management and self control.

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Let It Go (meets Metal) - Frozen [x]


i kinda like really freaking love this

Same ^^

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I reblog this every time I see it, no question.

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Some FREAKING AWESOME Harry Potter fan art of the marauders creating the map and Fred and George later discovering it.

#i just want everyone to remember #that out of these six people #only one is alive

Well you must be the life of the party

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I uh started reading the Harry Potter books and it took a while but I really enjoy it! My god Ron and Harry are such dorks and I enjoy every single bit of bromance between these two.


I uh started reading the Harry Potter books and it took a while but I really enjoy it! My god Ron and Harry are such dorks and I enjoy every single bit of bromance between these two.


too much talent in one picture


too much talent in one picture


another day of life by viria13


another day of life by viria13






'Harry Potter' drafts never published

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image(Come on, Potter… by Vizen)

There’s no doubt that Snape and Harry, “the lost boys” of Hogwarts, have a lot in common.

  • They both hoped to find solace at the school from their unhappy lives in the Muggle world.
  • They are similar in appearance - pale, black-haired and with a slight, skinny build. Both are half-bloods.
  • They are incredibly loyal to their friends.
  • They both come from an abusive background.
  • They were both picked on by a rich, pure-blood kid whom they made their sworn enemy.
  • They both have Gryffindor and arguably Slytherin qualities.

In spite of their similarities, however, they spend the seven years in which they interact hating each other with passion. Why is that? They cannot communicate.

Snape is blinded by his prejudice toward Harry. He does give him a small benefit of the doubt when he first meets him in the Potions class, asking him advanced questions that only Lily’s son would know - given that Lily was bright and curious like Snape and no doubt studied ahead. When Harry doesn’t know the answer, Snape brands him as James’s son and treats him like that from then on. Irrational and immature? Certainly. This is a grown man avenging himself on an innocent kid. But Snape cannot see past the surface and starts to view everything Harry does through the James goggles:

  • Harry and Ron crash the flying car into the Whomping Willow? Typical Marauders behavior.
  • Harry’s best buddy is Lupin who has just embarrassed Snape in front of the whole school with the Snape-in-drag Boggart gag? Typical Marauders behavior.
  • Harry invades Snape’s privacy to watch his most painful and humiliating memory caused by James Potter and his posse? Typical Marauders behavior.
  • Harry steals Snape’s old Potions book and takes credit for the ingenious recipes? Typical Marauders behavior. And so on.

What Snape doesn’t see - or rather, doesn’t want to see - is that although Harry is - unlike either of his parents - a mediocre student, he is a good kid and no bully. In fact, Harry makes friends with the outcasts - Luna, Neville and even Ron and Hermione. Sure, he is a bit of an obnoxious teenager later on, but that’s how teenagers are. Considering what he’s been trough, Harry is remarkably normal. Like Snape, he also comes from an abusive background, but manages to survive it without long-term emotional damage and later even forgives his abusers.

Similarly, at the beginning of Book 1, Harry begins to view Snape - the teacher who picked on him for no apparent reason and seems to be following him around school for the sole purpose of getting him into trouble - as an annoying, hostile element in his life. Throughout the books, he always suspects him to be the villain and in spite of some evidence to the contrary, never fully trusts him.

“What is this rubbish?” said Snape, his black eyes glittering.
“What are you talking about?” (GOF)
—- a good illustration of all the conversations Snape and Harry ever have

Later, their inability to communicate shifts to an impossibility to communicate - they mustn’t communicate lest Dumbledore’s grand plan fail. When Snape begins working for Voldemort, he has to be careful not to let Harry know where his true loyalties lie since Voldemort has access to Harry’s mind. Until the last moments of Snape’s life, then, Harry views him as Voldemort’s henchman.

"Kill me, then," panted Harry, who felt no fear at all, but only rage and contempt. "Kill me like you killed him, you coward -"
"DON’T-" screamed Snape, and his face was suddenly demented, inhuman, as though he was in as much pain as the yelping, howling dog stuck in the burning house behind them - "CALL ME A COWARD!" (HBP)

—- Calm down, Harry, it was all arranged. And chillax, Snape, Harry doesn’t have the information necessary to determine you’re so not a coward. If only you guys knew …

There are two missed connection scenes between them in DH and both relate to Lily. Snape sends his Patronus, which represents his everlasting love for Lily, to lead Harry to the sword of Gryffindor. In spite of all his prejudices toward Harry then, deep down, Snape realizes Harry is just a boy who misses his mother and not only that, but a boy competent of completing the task at hand. And of course, during his last breath, Snape asks Harry to let him see Lily’s eyes again - and although Harry still thinks Snape is a bad guy and doesn’t know about the meaning of the eyes yet, he instinctively obliges.

The reconciliation between the two of them only comes after Snape’s death when Harry views Snape’s memories and not only understands this desperate young man’s actions which led to the death of Harry’s parents, but forgives him and even comes to admire his bravery. The lack of communication is at last broken, but it’s sadly one-sided.

Snape and Harry’s relationship is one of the most fascinating ones in the books and the main plotline hinges on their lack of communication. The fact that they can’t see eye to eye is not contrived, however, but presented as very believable. It just blows my mind how well J.K. Rowling portrayed it. Snape and Harry’s saga of miscommunication is tragic, but flawless.

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i just really love how in every single harry potter headcanon involving sirius, remus is always included too and vice versa like it’s just a universal fact within the fandom that even if you don’t ship them they’re still married

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